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USPrimetimes Solunar, a few things to remember

Weather is the single most important factor that will determine the success of a hunt or fishing trip. If the Weather is bad your chances are slim of being successful no matter what the rating, the exception being Waterfowl. In areas where Weather is more stable, you will find this system a useful tool.

Our Solunar is unlike any other and is not just based on even a few data points, but many computed and analyzed together as a whole. Decades of remote field experience combined with the most advanced Solunar Forecasts have produced results for our users more than 83% percent of the time. Covered areas are also Time Zone, Day Light Savings, and Geo Location aware and easy to find.

More Fish & Wildlife Professionals use USPrimetimes for their Solunar Forecasts than any other - it's in the details

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