Terms of Use Overview

This is only highlights of the Full Terms of Use, which contains all the legal stuff.

  • Whenever you use our services it is under the terms of a legal contract with USPrimetimes.
  • This contract is made up of the Full Terms of Use.
  • We may decide to stop providing services to you. While we do not plan to discontinue any service, we reserve the right to for any reason.
  • You can terminate your agreement with us at any time by closing your account for the services you use.

Your responsibilities

  • Our services are only for personal use. If you want to redistribute content snippets or images, copy it, include it on a website, etc, you have to get our written permission first. This excludes publicly available bonafide Search Engines and private parties posting on a forum or social media.
  • It is your responsibility to look after your account security and passwords. Activities that happen on your account are your responsibility.
  • Using our services indicates your acceptance of our Full Terms of Use policy.
  • You will be provided a Full Terms of Use for acceptance prior to creating any account for any service.

Our services

  • USPrimetimes is not responsible for things that might happen to you as a consequence of your use of our services. Just like being in the back country, you're on your own.

Our Copyright

  • USPrimetimes websites, content, graphics, files, data, and services, are the copyright of USPrimetimes, LLC. All rights reserved; and may not be redistributed, copied, or sold without express written permission from USPrimetimes other than the exceptions noted above.

Privacy Policy

  • We use cookies and other technologies to enhance your online experience and to learn how to improve the quality of our services.
  • Our servers automatically record information when you visit our website, including the URL, IP address, browser type, language, and the date and time of your request. This is done to enhance quality of service and to help ensure security of our network and services.
  • We may also share information with third parties in limited circumstances, including when complying with legal process, preventing fraud or imminent harm, and ensuring the security of our network and services.
  • We do not sell, trade, or share any user information with any third parties other than the exceptions noted above.
  • We will inform you prior to requesting or gathering any personal information, if a service requires such information.
  • Site ranking or other entities whom attempt to monitor our network traffic or file systems fall under our bad behavior policy; excluding publicly available bonafide Search Engines - see next line

Privacy and Security are important to us. We employ adaptive and biometric technologies, isolate services, and completely block countries, organizations, and industries whom continually violate the above policies or otherwise behave badly with few exceptions. Most Foreign, Hosting, Non-Fish & Wildlife Governmental WAN IP Addresses are denied access by default but may request exceptions. Other entities may also be denied or have limited access such as those in Advertising, Construction, Utilities/Energy, Financial/Insurance, Medical, and/or the Transportation industries.

USPrimetimes processes tens of millions of highly computational intensive formulas and alogrithms per day on small scale systems with limited bandwidth. While we appreciate interest by monitoring and data harvesting services it detracts from our core user base experience and/or their privacy, neither is considered acceptable use. If you are a Fish & Wildlife professional or are interested in science based Conservation of our natural resources, our data is generally available for free through an easy to use API. Just ask us from the Contact page and someone will respond within a day our two.