USPrimetimes Credits

Bear, Wife, and Mark
Jeanne's picture of the backside of a Bear while with me in the Santa Rita Mountains, AZ - June 2015. A few yards back he sat down for a minute to take a break

Our Beta Users, Jane and Allen Covert, Arizona Fish and Game Predator Biologist(s), BLM Safford Arizona Field Office, Arizona Wildlife Federation, Chris, USFS Enforcement Agent - Montana (Alaska), NOAA and The National Weather Service, Dr. Kelly Cline, David Oberlitner, Harley Shaw, Michael Sinopoli, Jeanne Vitt (awesome friend), Mark T. Vitt (developer)

Jeanne - for a lot!
Rusty for his knowledge, get it done attitude, and almost mule horses - Near his old homestead in Hells Canyon Wilderness
Vern for her compfy base camps with shower, pyrotechnic fires, and excellent breakfasts when returning from the wilderness
Gary (in shorts), Vern, and Mark helping the tired dogs out. Gary saved Mark once too
Arizona for its many places that are touched by very few - small sample below of undisclosed locations
Remote Arizona
Remote Arizona
Remote Arizona
Remote Arizona
Mark on RimrockMark enjoying the view, Gila River Corridor - May 2016
Mark FishingMark had to stop on the way to Sierra Ancha Wilderness, Tonto NF - Spring 2014
Panther Cub & MarkMark in cage with Florida Panther Cub, Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary, Florida

External Libraries or Code:
Gentoo Linux • Extreme Performance and Stability, FPC & GCC • For 32/64bit Linux Engine, Lazarus/FPC - Win32 Prototype Engine, JavaScript-Array for portions of menu Javascript, This software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group and the FreeType Team.
Thanks to the many others not mentioned here...